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Outsourcing vs. Outtasking Banner
Given the complexity of today's systems, it is becoming more common for organizations to look to outside consultants in order to help fill in their missing technical expertise. Most small businesses have a difficult time financially justifying having a full time IT employee as there is not enough work to keep one busy and interested. This means that a full time IT professional would eventually become bored and unchallenged; creating an environment that is not conducive to retaining high quality individuals.
Many smaller organizations thereby perpetuate a cycle of hiring junior employees on a revolving basis. They retain these employees until they either become advanced enough to move to a higher paying, more challenging job, or until the organization realizes why this person is really so inexpensive and willing to take a low-complexity job.
Although many of these companies feel that they are saving money by hiring lower paid, less experienced individuals, they are ultimately still paying more than they should. This is typically either by the training of individuals that will not be sufficiently retained, equipment that did not need to be purchased or was overspeced, or through unnecessary network downtime.
In these situations, it is generally preferable to completely outsource the IT operations, and have a reputable, experienced IT support company handle all of the network infrastructure design and support. In fact, for most small companies, the costs associated with our Maintenance Agreements are substantially lower than their current IT personnel expenditures. You can find out what it would cost your company to completely outsource your IT by clicking on this link and instantly generating a Quote to maintain you entire network.
For larger companies, or those smaller companies intent on having and in-house person on staff, we offer the ability to outtask, or to supplement your existing staff in the areas you need. This can