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Introducing Karma Freeware Anti-Spam Gateway

Like most Anti-Spam products, Karma was born out and intense distaste for SPAM and those who generate it.  It was from this frustration that our developers took it upon themselves to rethink the methods by which SPAM could be neutralized.  What started out as an internal exercise rapidly took form as the theories created were put to code.  As we realized we were creating a product that could easily be capable of controlling about 98%-99.9% of all SPAM, we began to search for a model by which we could distribute this product to general public and ensure proper support.  Although we felt that this product could easily stand on its own as a consumer product, we felt that any product designed to help break the back of an unloved industry should be presented to the world for free.   This became compounded by the fact that the product not only prevents SPAM from making it to your inbox, it automatically reports the spammer to their ISP, helping to disable their accounts permanently.  To that end, Karma was given its name and a place in our company as a passion that has been fueled by a department focused gifting their limited spare time to the community.  The product is now in closed Beta, and is anticipated to be made widely available as soon as we can present it in the same perfectly functional, bug free manner by which we create all of our projects.  For a better understanding of how the product works, please read the FAQ here.  If you wish to sign up to be a part of the Beta program, you may also do that here.