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As an organization we constantly are amazed at what has managed to pass for acceptable in the software industry.  The illustration to which we frequently refer is a hypothetical situation of an automotive manufacturer producing a car that refuses to start every hundred or so times.  In all likelihood, that manufacturer would immediately issue a voluntary recall or face massive lawsuits.  However, the software industry seems to respond by effectively telling the customer that it is just a limitation of that year's model and they should get next year's model instead.  We at Total Immersion cannot understand how anybody could find that response acceptable.  As with all Total Immersion divisions, we do not undertake any project unless we feel it can be done right the first time.
However, the ability to deliver bug free code is not
To that end, we have engineered our products to ensure that
All Total Immersion Software code that is delivered in one of our projects is guaranteed to be delivered bug-free and without errors.