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15 Minute Rule Banner
The concept of our "15 Minute Rule" was spawned from the realization that nobody likes to receive an invoice for 6 minutes worth of work.  These short billings eventually became more of a nuisance to both us and our clients than the revenue was worth.  So, we decided that any work that was less than 15 minutes and didn't require substantially shifting a resource, was always going to be free.  This means short phone calls, questions, emails and the like are all unbillable events in any of our divisions.
Some years later we decided that if we were willing to do this for our clients then we should be willing to do it for everyone if we have time.  We'd rather have you do it right the first time than suffer through something we can easily help you out with.  Frequently, it only takes a little bit of extra know-how to get the job done and send you home while it's still light out.
 We understand how broad the set of programming knowledge is, and with the volume of experience we have developing nearly every type of system and application, we can usually help keep you on the right track.
Perhaps you have a simple question such as trying to figure out which .Net class to use for a specific call or you need some help figuring out how to get your SOAP calls properly authenticated.  We get all types of questions and are always glad to help if we have time. 
So please don't hesitate to call us with any question you may have, if we can, we'll help you out.  For free. You don't need to be planning on becoming a client, but we do ask that if we help you out, that you try to consider us for work in the future or maybe tell a friend that we were able to help.  For 15 years we have always tried to treat everyone the best we can in the hopes that good Karma can relate to good business.
If you have a question or and issue, please feel free to contact us (preferably by email) here.