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Even though we would all prefer to be able to operate on a proactive basis for our security infrastructure, sometimes it is only after the discovery of a potential compromise that concerns about your network's security gets brought front and center. In light of this sobering and unfortunate reality, we have created a group of services that are focused on mitigating the potential damage to your network and minimizing the impact to your users, vendors or clients. These services are provided in a rapid-response style scenario and are intended to perform the following functions:
  1. Identify the extent of the breach and the likely causes.
  2. Quickly determine the best course of action to contain the damage.
  3. Implement the immediate remedy to prevent further loss of information or compromise.
  4. Determine appropriate mid-range and long-term strategies to ensure it remains an isolated incident.
We have found that these services tend to be provided in a varying range of timescales and prices. They can take anywhere from a few hours if the breach is not very extensive to several days if the damage is high or potentially extremely visible. If you may have a need for these services, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible to mitigate the amount of possible damage to your organization.