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An axiom that we use frequently is "a firewall is only as good as the policies that are installed on it." This means that even the best or most robust security infrastructure can be rendered useless by a single errant rule or configuration entry. To that end, we are able to provide Security Audits that are able to determine and document the security of all of the relevant devices on your network.
Security Audits, if done correctly, can provide the essential information required to truly secure your Enterprise. A Network Security Audit can be defined as a review of all important networking devices and their configurations in an effort to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the current security solution. A Security Audit can range greatly in scope from an inspection and interview with a limited write-up to a full analysis of every component on the network and their interaction. However, most audits are generally a process of inspecting the existing environment and documenting the findings. The detail in which either the inspection or documentation are performed is based on the client's budget and needs. We have the capacities to operate in a great many levels and perform a lot of auditing tasks including:
•  Determining Device Configurations
•  Defining Internal Controls
•  Identifying Possible Internal Threats
•  Packet Sniffing
•  Custom Software Code Review
•  Exposure of Liability Assessments for Retained Sensitive Data
As evidinced by the volume of calls we receive, many organizations would rather determine the effectiveness of their security solution via a penetration test, however we have found the logic that drives this preference to be somewhat flawed. More information on why we have come to conclude that Penetration Tests provide a false sense of security can be found here.
In the hands of one of our veteran Security Engineers, a Network Security Audit can help ensure that your network security will not provide you with any surprises in the near future. If you are interested in finding out what Security Auditing services we can provide your organization, please contact us here.