In 1994, Total Immersion, Inc. was founded with two simple goals: To hire the brightest minds in their fields; and to give them the support to provide real solutions to complex technological problems. Through the years of working in partnership with our clients, we have been able to provide expert advice and innovative solutions of the hightest quality. Our work, however, could not be at as high of a level if we did not have a strong trust relationship between us and the client.

We build trust through many measures

All projects are done on a Fixed-Bid basis. All costs and timescales are mutually agreed upon before the start of any work.  Cost or time overruns are not tolerated.
We hire smart people and allow them to do smart things.  A service company is only as strong as the resources that it employs. Our employees are all individually dedicated to our organization and are allowed a great deal of latitude in creating solutions for our clients. All Total Immersion technical employees have a minimum of four years prior real world experience and are further equipped with the knowledge and the experience to solve the problems they were sent to fix.
Client confidentiality is paramount.  Any information gathered about clients and prospective clients is completely confidential. Any information pertaining to our clients is kept in complete secrecy. In fact, we will not even release the names of any of our clients without their expressed written permission.
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Total Immersion News

Online Pricing Now Available

Total Immersion Support is now providing ONLINE PRICING for our Enterprise Maintenance Agreements.

Codex NMS Now In Beta

We have finally separated Codex NMS, our Online Network Management platform for those who only need monitoring as opposed to maintenance.
It is now available for beta testing. Sign up here.

Karma Anti-Spam

KARMA ANTI-SPAM is now available for beta download.

Free Support

TIS is now letting everyone know how to get
FREE SUPPORT from our expert staff.