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Many companies find that locating their core infrastructure in a colocation facility is the only practical way to provide the power, cooling or bandwidth they require in an affordable and redundant manner.

When it comes time to find the right colocation facility, we can help you understand who the major players are out there and what your options are.  With over a decade of experience in supporting clients with these needs, we have worked with most of these facilities and are intimately familiar with each's strengths and weaknesses.  We also know hot to properly vet a new facility as we can evaluate their cooling, power, bandwidth and security from a neutral standpoint.  Finally, we can look at the cost issues involved and ensure that the solution will provide the highest cost/benefit reward for the client.

Our colocation-centered services begin during the selection phase of the colocation facility move.  You may not know all of the right questions to ask to determine if their facilities and pricing is a good fit for you.  If it is an organization that we are not familiar with, we can interview, vetting, and help select the facilities and services that will work best for your company.  The next issue to solve in a colocation move is how to transition your equipment into the facility with a minimum of downtime and the lowest possible risk of server loss.

We have a history of supporting clients in colocation facilities and are intimately familiar with going to bat for our clients and ensuring they get the support they need from their providers.