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Total Immersion Security has provided a broad range of network security solutions since 1994 for clients with ranging from credit card processing centers, to smaller concerns looking to guard their competitive edge. We are committed to providing complete security solutions, based on each client's individual needs.  From protecting against the cutting edge of technological attacks to the recognition of social engineering possibilities, we identify and recommend solutions to help ensure that your data stays safe and is only available to those who are allowed to use it.  As with all Total Immersion divisions,  complete client confidentiality is assured, as our confidentiality agreements prevent us from even divulging the names of our clients without prior written permission.

Expert Staff:  All members of Total Immersion Security's team have long-term systems experience and extensive security experience.  They also undergo regular rigorous ongoing training programs.  We are able to provide a complete range of reliable and accurate solutions to security issues in a rapid fashion, allowing our clients to implement the solution that is best suited to their needs.  We combine this talent with Total Immersion's time-tested approach to systems and software consulting to create the most comprehensive security value for our clients.

Fixed-bid Projects:  As in all Total Immersion divisions, we provide all of our services at a price that is established prior to the start of the project.  This approach is convenient for our clients as it allows them to manage their budget easily and preview the impact of securing their network.  Additionally, this allows our clients to concentrate on the security aspects important to them thus keeping security spending in line with their current budgets.

Whole Security Approach:  Any system is only as strong as its weakest link, and the ability to strengthen the areas where security is most vulnerable has always been Total Immersion Security's strength.  We approach new security issues with a wide focus and then begin to pinpoint those places where breaches most easily can occur.  This approach has consistently brought unexpected security holes to light and allowed our clients to address those places where they are the most vulnerable.

Customized Solutions:  No two companies are alike in their security needs, so no solution is ever exactly right for every situation.  Total Immersion Security recognizes the need for unique solutions in every situation, and we tailor our solutions to fit your precise needs.  By leveraging key partner-level relationships with best-in-class vendors, we are able to create security solutions that fit your business and your budget.

Balanced Approach:  It is a truism in the security world that as security increases, usability decreases.  We understand this issue and work diligently to ensure that increasing your security does not have to mean frustrating your users.  As with other divisions within the company, Total Immersion Security looks at the way in which you do business first, and makes recommendations that balance the needs of your company to perform effectively in its need to perform in a secure environment.

The need for security at all levels is increasing, as internal users and the public at-large become more computer-savvy and more business is transacted on-line.  Protecting your networks and data is our first priority and Total Immersion Security is your partner in creating a safe computing environment in a dangerous world.

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